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Affordable Handcrafted Gifts for those who Have it All

Finding the perfect gift is a great way to show you care. But what do you get the person who has everything? 

Buying a local, handcrafted gift is a thoughtful way to find something for your spouse, best friend, or parent. Artisan-made American gifts support small local businesses and offer a unique gift for even the trickiest person on your shopping list. 

If you’re looking for unique gifts that don’t cost an arm and a leg, we got you covered. These budget-friendly presents are perfect for any occasion. Whether you need the perfect hostess gift, want to wow your husband this Christmas, or are searching for the perfect birthday present, these affordable gifts are certain to impress even the most discerning person. 

DIY Mochi Ice Cream Kit

Even the most talented home cooks need a change of pace sometimes. Making something at home that you usually only get at a restaurant is exciting. Plus, it makes your friend a more adept chef! 

This do-it-yourself Mochi kit offers step-by-step instructions and everything your friend needs to make mochi ice cream in their own kitchen. Plus, this international-themed present is made right here in the USA. This makes a great hostess present and can be a fun activity to share with your kids or significant other. 

After they’ve made their first batch of mochi, the small silicone mold is a great addition to their kitchen that doesn’t take up too much space. Then, your friend can make themselves mochi again and again! 

Grow a Tree Kit

If your favorite gardener has already got it all, this tree growing set is a gift they’re certain to love. Many homeowners already have a shed full of outdoor necessities, but few have endeavored to grow a tree for their yard. A new, beautiful tree is a great way to celebrate a new baby in the family or commemorate a milestone birthday

When you’re shopping for the person that has it all, they may be running out of space in their home for new things. A brand new tree in their yard is the perfect way to show you care without adding clutter to your favorite plant lover’s home.

Personalized Storage Containers

The person who has it all might struggle with staying organized. While many storage bins are unsightly and hidden in the basement, these gorgeous fabric storage bins are a great way to help someone special in your life store their things. Personalized bins with pets’ or kids’ names are a great way to keep clutter at bay. 

If your friend has a unique collection, a customized storage container can be a great way to keep coins, stamps, or baseball cards in one accessible place. When they’re not in use, these linen storage containers fold down easily to save space. They’re available in a wide variety of colors and with different fonts to perfectly coordinate with your friend’s home.

Beginner’s Embroidery Set

Introduce your friend to a brand new hobby with an all-inclusive embroidery set. If you’re not sure which design is right for them, this 3 piece set gives your friend options to practice their new skills on various patterns. For the person who has everything, a new project can be just the thing to tickle their fancy. 

Detailed instructions make this set a breeze to use, even for someone completely new to embroidery. Once your friend is done with their project, you might even be the lucky recipient of a new embroidered piece to display proudly on your wall! There’s nothing nicer than giving someone the gift of a new skill, and this set will be a great opportunity for your crafty wife, teen, or mother-in-law to try something new. 

Magnetic Pin Sunglasses Holder

For the dad or husband who has it all, sometimes the gift of convenience is ideal. Rather than asking you to find their glasses or sunglasses, this clip-on glasses holder helps your special someone keep their specs close at hand. This is also the perfect gift for a runner in your life, who may need to keep their corded headphones together as they take a jog. 

This steel bracket has a strong magnet that attaches to even thick shirts with ease. This can make unruly glasses chains a thing of the past by keeping glasses secure and accessible. This simple gift is a must-have for anyone who works outside, wears reading glasses, or keeps asking you where they left their shades. 

Custom Socks

If you thought the perfect stocking stuffer didn’t exist, think again. Some of the best Christmas gifts are the funny ones, and these custom socks fit the bill. For a truly unique gift, you can add your friend or family member’s face to their socks! 

Perfect for that person on your list that loves a good laugh, these personalized socks offer a one-of-a-kind look that will always get giggles. Whether your favorite sock fanatic is obsessed with their pet, college football team, or coffee, you can put their face all over their footwear. These hilarious socks are the perfect gift to make sure the groom doesn’t get cold feet or to celebrate your child’s graduation (finally!) with their class year. 

No matter who you buy these for, they’re certain to be a hit. Make sure to order a pair made right here in Tallahassee, Florida!

American Gifts Everyone on Your List Will Love

Locally-made presents are a gift that keeps on giving. Every time you buy American gifts, you’re helping entrepreneurs like these thrive. Supporting small businesses and getting unique gifts is a win-win situation you can present to your gift’s recipient. 

If you’re still searching for the perfect gift, look no further! Check out our other blog posts to find more affordable gifts for your friends and family. Our special Made in the USA section is a good place to keep looking for ideal birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, or gifts for any occasion that won’t break the bank. 

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