The Complete List of Great Gifts for Valentine’s Day

It makes our hearts a little sad whenever people pooh-pooh on Valentine’s Day. Sure, the greeting card and floral industry have capitalized on the day with expensive cards and inflated bouquets. 

But, so what? What’s wrong with a day that’s specifically earmarked for love? In a fast-paced, overly-busy world, what’s the harm in taking one day (or one weekend) to celebrate miracles. 

After all, in a world full of people, the ability to find your one, true love is nothing short of a miracle. Whether you call it the universe, God, or the winds of fate, something brought you two together. 

Below, we’ve curated a careful list of gifts for Valentine’s Day. We’ve tried to keep it gender-neutral, something that can be enjoyed together as a couple. Get ready to stoke the fire and pay homage to the winds of fate. 

Bespoke Portrait

Depending on your viewpoint, you can either give a solo portrait of yourself, or you can create a couple’s portrait. 

Consider the aesthetic in your home and then start looking for the right artist. You can create a cartoonish look, an antique vibe, or a very realistic, almost lifelike portrait. 

We like to start with sites like Etsy to look for artists. Whenever we shop there, we feel pretty certain we’re getting what we pay for. 

But, of course, a generic Google search will also lead you to artists who can take one of your favorite photos and recreate it into a lovely, one-of-a-kind portrait. 

Fondue for Two

We can see the setting perfectly. The candles are flickering. The multi-colored bouquets are rustling. The blankets and pillows have been comfortably arranged on the living room floor, perhaps with a short coffee table in the midst. 

Just atop the coffee table is a small, ceramic fondue pot, lit by a tea candle. In it, you and your loved one can melt cheese to place atop small squares of bread or chocolate to dip strawberries into. 

Framed Pictogram

If you suspect you’ll have a difficult time selecting one picture for your couple’s portrait, then go for a pictogram. It’s sort of like a portrait wall contained in one, large frame. 

What we would do here is print out twenty or so of our favorite Instagram pics (because we know they’re edited nicely and will pop into the frame). Just print out a selection on your little photo printer and start filling the display!

Bluetooth Speaker

Electronics are rarely the most romantic gifts under the sun (unless your partner is super high tech). But, here’s the reason for a Bluetooth speaker. Some might categorize this into Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him, but women all over the world like to dance to a beat, too. 

No matter where you guys travel in your house or apartment, you can take your music with you. So, if you’re in the kitchen, press play on your Italian playlist as you whip up some meatballs and spaghetti. 

If you’re heading up to bed, switch over to some relaxing or romantic music. Find a nice instrumental playlist to match the tone. The point is, no matter where you and your loved one wander, you can always set the stage. 

Bathtub Caddy

This may fall into Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her, but you never know. In our opinion, the best bathtub caddy is teak with several little compartments. You want a center section for an iPad or a book. 

Then, on either side, there should be room for a candle, perhaps a bud vase, and some bath salts. This way, whether one or two slip into the tub, everything that’s required is right at hand (including your new Bluetooth speaker). 

Antique Map Print

Do you and your beau love to travel? In which case, we’ve seen a couple of eclectic ideas here. Your first option is sourcing a heart map. 

There are plenty of artists out there who will take your favorite city or country, shape the area into a heart, and then mat and frame it. 

Also, you can purchase a world map and place little gold pins on each area you’ve visited together. Really, the options here are endless, but, no matter which locale holds a special place in your heart, this is a great way to memorialize your memories. 

Subscription Box

If your partner has a hobby or an interest, chances are there’s a monthly subscription box for it. We’ve seen subscriptions for so many unique things, including oysters, wine, coffee, tea, cosmetics, piercings, and more.  

We love to suggest these as Valentine’s Day gifts because it epitomizes the ol’ cliché about a gift that keeps on giving. Now, you won’t have an initial box to gift wrap, just a small certificate saying that it’s coming. 

So, what you can do here is box up the subscription confirmation in a box filled with similar items that are yet to come. This will help them wet their whistle and get excited for things to come. 

Decanter Set

Nothing says elegance more than a lovely decanter set sitting atop a home bar. Think of all our favorite shows about wealthy families, from Downton Abbey to Billions.

Whether it’s the library, the living room, the sitting room, or even the bedroom, there’s almost always a lovely glass or crystal decanter set with matching glasses. Stocked all around are household favorites, whether that may be wine, whiskey, gin, or a mix of everything. 

The Best Gifts for Valentine’s Day

And there you have it! We hope some of these gifts for Valentine’s Day will spark a light bulb or two.

Go ahead. Take one evening out of the year, set the stage, ignite the ambiance, and celebrate the miracle of love. 

Here at the Unique Gift Guide, we love to take the guesswork out of gift-giving. Sometimes, if years and years have gone by, it can be difficult to continue to come up with unique gift ideas. 

And that’s why we’re here! Check out this guide to handcrafted gifts for those who have it all.

Or, if you’re the creator of unique gifts, please feel free to submit a gift to us. We’d love to feature your product and inspire others to show their love with unique, bespoke pieces that they’ll hold onto forever. 

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