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8 Unique Gift Ideas for Any Occasion

Are you stuck when it comes to getting your loved ones’ gifts? Have you already gotten your loved ones everything you can think of? You’re not alone. Three in four consumers have anxiety when it comes to buying gifts.

Well, there’s no need to panic. We’ve got the top unique gift ideas that your friends and family will love today.

1. Do It Yourself

Making your own gift is the best way to show your love to a family member. And, DIY gifts give you a whole new world of creative gift ideas.

If you’re talented at a skill like knitting or sewing, this is the perfect occasion to put it to good use. You can also make unique gifts like a handmade mat (which can cost between $65 and $75 dollars if you purchase it), a personalized card, or so many other things. 

If you’re less talented with the physical arts, you can also try making your loved one a scrapbook or photo album to commemorate your time together.

2. Entertain Your Friends

Finding a new form of entertainment for your loved ones is always a great way to show them how much you appreciate them. Any entertaining gift will totally fall into the category of gifts people will love.

Find them a book they haven’t read yet on one of the topics they’re more interested in.

You can also get your friends a group activity, so they’ll be able to enjoy the gift with their friends and loved ones. A unique board game, something beyond the realm of Risk and Monopoly, can be a complete gamechanger when it comes to gifts.

If your friend is a big Joss Whedon fan, Firefly: The Board Game usually goes for around $59.99.

3. Get Them A Craft

Sometimes, people like doing things for themselves. So, why not get your friends a DIY kit so they can make themselves the perfect present for the next big occasion? 

If they aren’t the biggest craft person you know, an adult coloring book can be a safe and healthy choice to get them started in the wonderful world of D.I.Y.

4. Experiences Are Forever

Some people aren’t as big on tangible objects, and they’re more interested in the experience of doing something.

You can get your loved one a class on something they’re been interested in, like cooking classes, so they’ll be able to carry the experience with them. Or, you can book them a once in a lifetime experience, like skydiving.

Just make sure that it’s something your friend would actually want to do before you invest money into it!

5. Personalize It

Getting your loved ones something perfectly personalized to them can be one of the best presents they’ll ever receive. You can get them socks with their beloved pet on them. These ones go for as little as $24 per pair, although it’ll cost more to get more than one face printed on them. If your friend doesn’t love to wear socks, these flipflops are available in the same vein.

For today’s modern era, you can get them a mask with their own face printed on it so you’ll still be able to see what they look like when they’re out and about in the world.

Mugs are always a classic choice when it comes to personalized gifts. You can get basically anything in the world printed on a mug at this point!

6. Something Useful

Sometimes, it’s best to get your loved ones a gift that they’ll actually be able to, you know, use. Knickknacks can be nice, but there’s only so much room in a person’s home, after all!

If there’s something specific your loved one has mentioned needs, and it’s something that could technically fall under the category of gift, make sure no one has gotten them that thing yet and go to town.

If you’re looking to get them something they’ll be able to use, but don’t have a specific idea in mind, there are still options available to you. 

If your friend is someone who tends to lose their keys, a tile tracker or another tracking system can help them out. If your friend just can’t keep their mask on their face, this face mask necklace is stylish, useful, and less than $25 dollars a pop. 

7. Pick a Variety

If you can’t think of one big gift to get your loved one, why not find a variety of smaller gifts? Everyone loves a gift basket, after all, so finding a variety of unique and cute items is sure to delight your recipient.

Different novelty card sets, such as dream decoding cards (these ones are available for $16.89), can make for a wonderful addition to one of these assortments. Adding tiny bottles of their favorite condiments, or sample sizes of condiments you think they’ll love, is a tasty treat that anyone would love receiving (just make sure you account for any allergies).

If your friend is a particularly big hot sauce person, you can get them a bunch of packets of their hot sauce of choice so they’ll never be without their favorite condiment when they’re out and about in the world.

8. Comfort is Key

Especially if the occasion you’re getting your friend a gift for is during the winter months, you can always go the easy route when it comes to gift-giving. Everyone loves comfort, so warm blankets, comfy pillows, and fluffy slippers always make for a great gift for the homebody in your life.

For something more specific, you can get the new blanket or pillow customized with your loved one’s initials or an image of something they love. Blankets like this collage option (starting at $34.50) really show you loved ones how much thought you’ve put into their gift.

These Unique Gift Ideas Will Get You Started Today

clearly, these unique gift ideas can point you in the right direction when it comes to getting your friends and family gifts they will love. But, you know your loved ones best, so make sure you incorporate their wants and needs into the equation when buying them gifts.

Are you interested in more unique gifts for your friends and family? Do you have unique gift ideas that we should include on our site? Check out our website or contact us today.

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